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AS A MENTORING NETWORK, Xcel exists to fuel young men with purpose and passion
to reach the fullness of their potential through a network of wise, seasoned and trained mentors.


Xcel believes that young men are dreamers. When fueled with purpose, they have tremendous potential to accomplish great things, like traveling to the moon. But, if they are not equipped with such purpose to follow their dreams, they have the potential to be destructive.

That’s where Xcel fills the gap. Xcel Strategies Inc. is a mentoring network founded in Savannah, Georgia, to care for young men between 15-25 years of age. Xcel exists to empower young men with purpose and passion to reach the fullness of their potential through a network of wise, seasoned, and trained mentors. We believe that life is better when we are so fueled.

Thank you for taking the time to read how Xcel is equipping our network of members, not only with the passion to reach for their dreams but also with the disciplines and strategies necessary for their success in doing so. We have worked very hard to accumulate these disciplines for our young men and seek for them to grow in a framework that will govern their lives and enable them to reach for the stars. Our hope is that you will be inspired as you read about the disciplines that bring success, and that you will apply these truths and share them with the next generation of young men who are hungry to find success in this world.

Xcel’s vision is to build a courageous and bold generation of mentors to solve the epidemic problem of fatherlessness in our communities.


OVER SEVENTY PERCENT of adults in our prison system come from homes without full or partial parental oversight. That being said, a major problem for young men in Savannah, and nationwide, is the loss of a parent due to abuse, addiction, death, separation, or incarceration. In most cases, these guys are left without direction and purpose and they have no network to lean on or mentors to follow. Read the newspaper daily and you will see the need for a strong mentoring network in Savannah.

Blake Hickman – Regional Director

NC Triangle

Meet Blake…

Blake and his wife Amber have been married for 18 years and have 5 boys, Asher, Caleb, Nate, Judah and Maddox. Born and raised in Birmingham, AL, Blake met Amber while both were attending college at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Upon graduation from Liberty, they moved to Raleigh, NC so Blake could attend seminary. Shortly thereafter, Blake joined the staff at Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh to work with middle school students. After 14 years serving in various pastoral roles at Providence, Blake and Amber felt a call to leave Providence and plant Redemption Church in Apex, NC. Blake is excited to bring his passion for people and investing in young men as Xcel is established in the Triangle area of North Carolina.







Meet Nick…

Nick and his wife Laurie moved to Savannah 4 1/2 years ago to work for Compassion Christian Church as the Family Pastor of the Downtown Campus.  They have 4 boys ages 9, 7, 3 and 1.  Nick and his family are committed to caring for those in our community who are fatherless, abused and neglected.  They are a foster family for 2 little girls right now.  Nick loves mentoring young men who need an encouraging male figure in their lives.  He believes that individual life change and community change will happen when men in the community step up and into the lives of the hurt and broken children in our community, especially the fatherless young men ages 15 and older.

Nick Schultz – Regional Director

for Bryan County, GA

Tom Rivera – Regional Director

for South Florida

Meet Tom…

Tom is our Regional Director for South Florida and is based in Palm Beach. Tom’s passion for mentoring began in the early ’90s when he worked in the largest Hispanic church in the Chicago metropolitan area. He focused on helping the poor and abused and mentored young men involved in gangs.
Tom and his wife Maribel moved to South Florida 5 years ago where he continued mentoring and counseling through his work in recovery centers. He was also mentoring those he coached in fitness centers.
Tom’s enthusiasm for mentoring young men and serving his community is inspiring for anyone who gets to meet him.
Xcel exists to fuel young men with purpose and passion to reach the fullness of their potential through a network of wise, seasoned and trained mentors.


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