Xcel | Welding Competition
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Welding Competition

The 2018 Xcel Strategies Welding Competition is a community outreach event designed to bring awareness, honor and prestige to welding and other essential trades, and highlight the value of this career field while raising money for a local charity. This unique presentation format will create extensive opportunities for media exposure, social media engagement and high profile brand affiliation with Savannah and charitable giving. The format will allow local welding crews to compete on the basis of design, functionality and stability of their assigned project. The welding teams will be judged by Master Welders and by a popular vote of spectators and online followers. The welding teams will have to work with onsite scrap parts and integrate them into their designs on the spot, adding intrigue and creativity

Event Details

  1. Welding Teams with 2 to 4 members may register. Multiple teams may register from one supporting company or trade school.
  2. Two weeks prior to the competition, each team will be given a Build Envelope containing the secret project for competition. Teams will be assigned metal packets and parameters for assistance. Each team will have this time to plan and prefabricate elements of the project. No more that one inch tacks will be allowed in pre-competition assembly for education teams.
  3. On Event day, each team will have 5 hours to finalize welds for assembly completion. Each team will be responsible to provide welding and safety equipment.
  4. Spectators, family and coworkers will be invited out for lunch, entertainment and judging after the work has been completed.
  5. The winning team will bring home a cash prize for the workers and the title of welding champions for their sponsoring corporation.
    • Education Team
    • Professional Team
    • Grand Prize Champion