Xcel | GridIron Gauntlet
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GridIron Gauntlet

Gauntlet location for Saturday, September 16th will be at Allen E. Paulson Softball Complex, 7171 Skidaway Rd. Savannah, Ga. 31406

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Run the Gauntlet

Daily Training | Weekly Competition

September 16 – November 18 | 10:00 am – 11:30 am | $10 per week or $90 per 10 weeks (if paid online)

The Ultimate Competition To Test Speed, Strength, Agility & Coordination

Xcel, a Mentoring Network in Savannah, will host the Grid Iron Gauntlet – the ultimate self-competition for 4th-8th grade boys in Savannah. Running the Gauntlet promotes and rewards daily exercise along with Saturday competition to improve speed, strength, agility and coordination all within a safe and fun environment. Let us help you child prepare for a healthy lifestyle.

MONDAY-FRIDAY | Train for Improvement.

20 Minutes of daily training and activities that promote a faster and stronger you.

EVERY SATURDAY | Run the Gauntlet.

This one hour competition tests core abilities and challenges you to beat previous weeks’ stats for consistent improvement.



The GridIron Gauntlet is the ultimate exercise program to teach young men, 4th – 8th grades, how to enjoy being active and competitive all in a fun environment. Majority of young men in this demographic are not playing fall sports and their parents are looking for their boys to stay active and compete in some way. Running the Gauntlet provides the opportunity for these young men to live an active, healthier lifestyle in a community that supports a competitive individual.

The Gauntlet is a series of athletic challenges run over 10 Saturdays in the fall (September 16th – November 18th). These challenges contain speed and strength activities to combine into a 10 drill course called the GridIron Gauntlet. These drills will be challenging but achievable for each young man running the gauntlet. Self-competition is a tag line we use for the timing process that will assess progress of each young man running the gauntlet every Saturday. Weekdays will consist of 20 minute training activities that Coach Jonathan Hathaway will provide for each young man to work on at home. The 8 weeks in between will be practice gauntlets run with different speed and strength activities to keep things interesting and prepare the young men for the last gauntlet.

Two special aspects of the GridIron Gauntlet is that prizes will be given on three of the Saturdays to award the young men for improved times. Secondly, parents are welcome to run the gauntlet free of charge on Saturdays with their child. Xcel hopes that the family, training at home during the week, will benefit from a healthier lifestyle.